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Sonos Magnolia Home Theater

Endcap Display

This high-end display fit nicely into the Magnolia Home Theater section of Best Buy. The display conformed to Best Buy’s look and feel, yet also allowed the Sonos product to stand out among the other displays and product in the section. The display effectively educated the consumer on the Sonos music system through product demonstration. Speaker systems were also featured on the display, cross selling the two systems together.

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Sonos Display Program

Floor & Counter Displays

This display program introduced and educated the consumer on the cutting edge wireless music system, SONOS, through product demonstration, graphics, and video. The Sonos display program is a modular system of interactive displays with elements suitable for retail implementation in high-end electronic stores in the US, Canada and throughout Europe. Due to the global marketing campaign, the displays needed to be produced in 4 different languages. In addition, the displays would have compatibility with internet and broadband services in the high end electronic stores.