Microsoft XBOX 360 Case Study

In 1991 when Design Phase started, the mission statement became, “To design and build displays that command attention and inspire heightened sales.” We continue to work by that statement and follow our vision beyond standard operating procedure to strive for cutting-edge innovation, high-quality engineering and unsurpassed creativity.

The best way to were a client is to fully explore and understand their business goals. At Design Phase, we take steps to research our client's industry, market position, competition, products and existing promotional methods. It is essential to always keep in mind the final audience: retailers and consumers. We set out to establish partnerships with all our clients. This enables us to develop customized, effective merchandising that meets specific marketing needs and solves unique problems.

From the minute a project is introduced to us, our creative process begins. A team of designers apply their interpretations to develop ideas and concepts. Clients are presented with our discoveries, including sketches and mock-ups with a variety of preliminary options. Designers and engineers are involved from conception to completion to ensure fluid, accurate evolution through the project. The journey continues as we uncover the best approach for every step along the way.

Design is more than a critical step in the process; it is the essence of our company. From research through production, design guides the direction of every decision. Innovation involves not only the overall merchandising appearance, but small details and customized elements that set us apart from the competition. The design process gains momentum with the best materials in mind for style, function, durability, ease of assembly and cost. Once a target cost is established, it remains the focus.

The design and engineering stages are closely connected with the help of CAD/CAM and solid modeling technologies. This is a necessary step to verify that the design can be built and target costs can be met. Design Phase engineers confirm that the project is in compliance with environmental and ULCSA regulations. They also ensure that the quality and production are proceeding as intended.

Before committing resources to production run, clients are able to view a prototype of the actual product. Solid concept and form is now realized. Several prototypes can be created for client test marketing to identify any alterations. Actual vendors are brought in to build the prototype, familiarizing them with the project before production begins.

What began as simple sketch is now reality. But the journey does not end here. Depending on the client's needs, fulfillment services are available, including logistics, warehousing, field service, replacement parts and customer service. Design Phase also offers follow-up market research to measure the success of new product introductions. The mission was clear: get attention, increase sales and inspire unlimited imagination.

The results of our collaborations continue to communicate our client projects and inspire consumers.